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Custom Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic chip design and processing services lab on chip manufacturing services

       Keywords: microfluidic chip processing services, microfluidic chip fabrication services, microfluidic chip design services, microfluidic chip customization services, lab-on-chip

       Microfluidic chip composition:

       It consists of a film base (pmma, glass, pdms, etc.) - consisting of a channel, a liquid inlet, a detection window, and the like. Peripheral equipment consists of peristaltic pump, micro-injection pump, temperature control, acceleration, and UV, spectrum, fluorescence and other detection components. The experimental process of the biological laboratory can be concentrated onto a single substrate, hence the name LAB on chip. The structure of the substrate is determined by specific experiments. Designing and processing the microfluidic chip base is the basis for microfluidic experiments. The electrical equipment attached to the chip structure is an essential part of the chip experiment. The main functions are the flow of the driving liquid path, the flow direction of the liquid path, temperature regulation, image acquisition and analysis, feedback and automatic control.

       Microfluidic chip processing technology service introduction: (mass production)

       1. Glass chip processing technology: wet etching. The minimum line width that can be processed is 10-25um or more.

       2. PDMS chip processing technology: lithography / mold. The size of the PDMS chip fabricated using the mold-down process depends on the size of the SU-8 reverse mold. Different SU-8 models have different processing depths and generally require the customer to provide a minimum line width and aspect ratio for evaluation.

       3. Wenhao, with its own CNC CNC equipment, can process high-precision polymer material chip products (PMMA, PC, ABS, TEFLON and other engineering plastics) and metal materials (aluminum, nickel and stainless steel, etc.), channel The minimum width limit is 150μm, the depth limit is qualitative according to the processing characteristics, and the maximum processing range is 400*400*260cm. With high-precision testing equipment, the control product is accurate in size and the surface roughness is small, which can meet the requirements of higher requirements.

       4. Injection molding chip processing technology: mold opening / injection molding. Limited by the processing of the mold, it is necessary to specifically evaluate the structure of the customer.

       Microfluidic chip processing drawings requirements: please consult first, consult before drawing, grass icon size. Machining Accuracy: Machining accuracy depends on the specific structure of the processing and the specific application purpose.

       Microfluidic chip processing technology service charges: charges according to processing methods, accuracy, complexity, etc., bulk and single piece small parts price is different, please consult.

       Scope of acceptance: Design and manufacture of all types of microfluidic chips, and development of peripheral electrical systems. Can consult.

       Processing technology: laser etching, CNC machining, stamping, mold method, etc., can also provide 3D printing proofing service for chip mounting bracket or fixed shell, provide support for docking and fixing of microfluidic chip and other experimental platforms, and facilitate commercial Show.

       Provide microfluidic chip CNC machining instrument platform and processing technology training services:

       Compared with other process platforms, CNC machining microfluidic chip is simple, fast and easy to learn. It can adapt to most scientific research applications. CNC machining microfluidic chip can have high precision and optical performance on the millimeter and submillimeter microfluidic chip level. Good, reproducible and so on, the application is very extensive.

       Mainly related to technology:

       1. Microfluidic chip design method

       2. Microfluidic chip mapping technology

       3. cnc CNC machine tool operation technology

       4. Microfluidic chip processing technology and skills

       5. CNC machining microfluidic chip bonding method and technology

       Other processing projects for microfluidic chip experiments:

       1. Syringe pump customization.

       2. Control software development (control syringe pump injection control, detection signal acquisition and analysis software, control system software development)

       3. Microfluidic chip detection coupled UV detection device, fluorescence detection device, continuous development of continuous spectrum real-time online scanning spectrometer.

       4. Automatic injection robot customization.

       5. Constant temperature module customization, rapid temperature change module customization (PCR), constant temperature incubation of microfluidic chip, gene amplification (temperature cycle PCR).

       6. ccd microscopic imaging and image analysis

       7. High voltage constant voltage power supply module

       8. Conductivity detection module design and production

       9. Turbidity detection module design and production

       10. Liquid density detection module

       11. Solution surface tension detection module

       12. Circuit design, structural mechanical design

       13. Filter processing for specific wavelengths

       14. Photomultiplier tube (pmt) detection component structure design and processing, power supply, data acquisition and amplification circuit design, signal acquisition and processing analysis software development.

       15. Host computer communication and PC control software development

       16. Microfluidic sub-millimeter scale electronic valve

       17. Surface gold plating, electrode embedding. DNA probe immobilization.

       18. Microfluidic chip technology comprehensive solutions and other services.

       19. Microfluidic chip labs set up overall package services.


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